Habit Man’s Post on Bath Salts

Hey guys. Allow me to start by introducing myself. My name is Mike (a.k.a. The Habit Man), I happen to be a friend of the guys (and gal, or whoever the hell she is today) at The Aroma Shop. I am their professionally dispatched lab rat, errand boy, and all around “go-to” guy for all the shit they don’t feel like doing. I happen to have a niche for writing as well (despite my drug-induced daze I tend to inhabit), or at least I enjoy it. I don’t know if that really qualifies me as “proficient” at composition, but it’s fun, and you can’t stop me. I generally have not much else to do (work is fairly slow right now) so you will be seeing me around a good bit, much to the dismay of my good friend Luke (he dislikes when I steal his mojo, charisma and “lead role”, as I am about to do… now.)

I have to say, for someone with the relative experience that Luke has, he has a fairly firm grasp on what he’s talking about, so this is NOT to say that he is Captain Clueless or should be ignored. However, to be honest with myself and all of you guys, I’ve done more drugs since breakfast than Luke has period. It will probably remain that way for quite a while, at least until the drugs themselves get boring as well (hence the nick name “Habit Man” [by the way, I will personally give $5 off of one order to the first person to tell me the source of that name]) or until I OD/die in some other fashion (much more likely, sorry Mom.)

With that being said, I would say that I disagree about the Ivory Wave. It seems like no real cocaine I’ve ever had, so the comparison is barely even fair in my opinion. Ivory Wave and other powders are molecularly unlike cocaine, despite their appearance. The actual chemical(s) used is(are) more closely related to the amphetamine (or cathinone, for the more educated of us here) class of drugs, hence their MUCH MUCH longer half-life than cocaine. Cathinones (and ultimately their synthetic counter-parts) are derived from a plant native to western Africa called Khat, which has centuries upon centuries of history of use by humans. They are sort of like a pleasant mix between the two (cocaine and amphetamines) – they have a similar euphoria of amphetamines AND cocaine, but they have a half life that is both longer than coke (which is embarrassingly short, at maybe 20-30 minutes) but still shorter than that of amphetamines (which can be 10+ hours, a bit much for my taste). With Ivory Wave, it seems you will feel it’s immediate effects for 2-4 hours, then the after effects will be there basically until you “sleep them off”.

After having tried Ivory Wave a couple of times (one of which I actually fell asleep, sitting up, IMMEDIATELY after doing a rather sizable line with the help of no “downers”) I have to say it is, in my opinion, not one of the best they have, but many MANY people would disagree so of course still check it out. That could, and probably is, due more to the hype it has built as being ri-fucking-diculously strong; once a product gets that kind of reputation, it is all but impossible to follow through on something much like that, especially to me. Ivory Wave wouldn’t have been too bad had I not researched it as much as I did, and developed preconceived impressions about it that no chemical could live up to (given that Ivory Wave has gained a sort of “Demon Powder” reputation). Nonetheless, I feel that (with or without preconceptions) there are better ones out there.

If you want a “glowing” experience: get a nicely decorated 500mg canister of either TranQuility bath salts or Snow Leopard bath salts. We are here in the (loosely stated) Good Ol’ USA – and thus all the stuff Am – Hi – Co manufactures to comply with the laws of the UK doesn’t make a fuck to us, so get the real-ish deal here while you can! Some would disagree with me I’m sure, but I have always had better luck with the other two products more than anything that Am – Hi – Co produces. I will be writing a review on TranQ/Snow Leopard soon, so stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss it. Always an interesting day it makes when I whip out my big fat bag of metaphors, hyperboles, and other literary devices that would make my senior English teacher proud (or it would, given a less lucrative subject matter).

-Blog Officially Stolen,
The Habit Man
CEO Middle Finger Technology, LLC
(yet another clue! someone has to recognize it! Text your answer plus your e-mail address to (218) 666-THM0, (218) 666-8460 and if you are right, I’ll pass Lukey-Luke a 5-spot toward your next order).

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We sell high quality legal herbal alternatives that will get you high. We offer herbal blends, party powders, bath salts, and party pills. We also carry a limited supply of pipes, bongs, bubbblers, & grinders.
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One Response to Habit Man’s Post on Bath Salts

  1. mojeauxman says:

    Ok, having perused the installments to this blog, I find myself inclined to convey my own analytical synopsis of this mans own experiences with these wonderful little grains of powder known as “Bath Salts”. I became an unlikely guinea pig at a most fortuitous time in my existence and must tell my tale in lyrical theme, as it seems only right for me since I am a songwriter / musician (retired from live stage since 2005). And so the epic begins…..
    On a sunny bright day in March of 05, the sh-t hit the fan one last time. I got fed up that day with the idiot routines of wasting away my prime. Too much drink and even more drugs left me grasping for what I can’t reach. The desire to send my musical blend to everyone open for breach. The facts were clear and the conceptual fear of not knowing who we need to know. Would remain so near and so far away that the fight to endure would soon go.
    My decision was made. We were never gonna get paid. All the hours and days and the years that we played were just moments in time where we stayed. I gave it all up, got a sign from above that if I kept going this route. My life would be lame, I would just go insane so I’ll trade……
    Living out of suitcases, loving only strange faces and keeping sane by numbing my brain. On the road to new places and never touching bases with anyone real or mundane. Now I have some Tranquility and substance to my soul, I could never go back again.
    I was given a tiny little jar of heaven scent, an eerie white concoction that I thought the devil sent. Much to my surprise, it only opened my eyes, to the little things in life that we can only rent. I used my thinking cap and tried a minor mini bump, now my days are much better and my nights became content. It started with Posh aromatherapy powder and my drive for finding knowledge of it grew by the hour. I tried a couple others, Ivory Fresh and some Raz, The Snow Leopard showed up and now I love what she has. Don’t press her into over doing what she can do, and I know that she will truly take great care of you. I work a lot of hours and I’m 47 years old, I don’t feel a day past 30, Its True.
    I am a believer that good things do always come. To those who have faith and not forget where they’re from. Keep an open mind for things that you may not quite comprehend, you will find that you will always find some……….
    Helpful items that you can do for your soul, a little bit of this or that to keep your control. A line as small as grains of rice could be the magic fix, but never underestimate the devils tricks. It is so good that stopping with a micro thin bump, ain’t that easy to maintain unless you just don’t jump. Take this mans advice and keep your will true and strong, it will rock your world all night long.
    Now I’ve rambled on enough, I hope you heed what I write, a little dab will do ya if you use your noodle right. The tolerance built up will be minute at best, if you don’t make this stuff a habit, don’t put it to the test. Listen when I say, the small amount that you will need, is more than sufficient to let ones ills to be freed. I prefer Snow Leopard, but there’s others yet to try. Hope the feds don’t take away our legal help to get by. The uses are many and effects are just as wide, as our individuality creates a different tide. A plethora of symptoms mostly positive for those, who make the decision to believe someone who knows.
    Try it. Don’t lie to yourself when you do. Feel what it’s doing so you won’t be confused. Don’t prolong its use for over 3 to 4 days. (take at least 2 off per week / it works for me) Enjoy !!!!

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